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As we continue to hear, in order to be successful in business today it is all about building your brand through integrated marketing communication strategies using vast personalization, multi-channel and multi-touch initiatives.  One of the most effective ways that you can reach and continue to reach your target market is through incorporating promotional products into the mix. 

 Promotional products are EVERYWHERE!  This industry has grown to be $17 billion dollars and we do not foresee this growth, in this industry, to slow any time soon. 

 You may be asking yourself, “what makes promotional products work so well?”.   Well, there are several reason. 

 First off, we need to remember there are two kinds of promotional products:  Advertising Specialties and Premiums.  Each is used to achieve very different results.  Advertising Specialties are used prior to getting business, or for lead Generation.  Premiums can be a bit more costly, more personalized through messaging communication, and used to cement a relationship and support a sale. 

One of the reasons promotional products work so well is that they relate on a personal level --  they are tangible things that we can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear.  Every day, we are bombarded with hundreds of messages; to the tune of 500+ messages a day!  We generally see about 80 of those, remember 12 of them and have strong opinions about only 3.  Jeff Scult, CEO of Golden Goods states:  “The beauty of promotional products is that it’s active branding vs. passive branding.”  Active branding allows more impressions over a longer period of time than does passive branding of advertisements in print, television or radio.

One of the best reasons to use promotional products in your marketing mix is the very effective cost-per-impression.  In the U.S., the cost-per-impression of a promotional product is about half a cent.

Promotional products work for large corporations to the small “mom and pop” businesses.  The excellent impression rate with promotional products converts to much higher ROI for everyone. 

Another advantage to promotional products is the “pass-along” rate.  Not only do we tend not to throw promotional products away, we also tend to “pass-them-along” if we are not going to use them.   Whereby, now you have a new recipient of the product building more impressions and brand awareness. 

Let the experts at The RoArk Group help provide you with solutions regarding all of your promotional products needs today.  You can order directly through our on-line store or contact our promotional products expert at for individual, personalized support.

RoArk Printing opened it’s doors 38 years ago in June of 1974 as a 2 person print shop offering services to local business.  Today, The RoArk Group is still a family run operation that has grown into one of the largest visual communications companies in this region.  Building on the cornerstones of our past and fusing this with key, cutting-edge services along with our strategic acquisition of talent, we have widened our reach to become a nationally known visual communications solutions provider.

At the RoArk Group we understand that our industry is no longer simply a manufacturing process.  It is all about “visual communications”.  Just as the great philosopher Aristotle put it, “Thought is impossible without an image.”  At RoArk we are here solely to create and deliver solutions for all of your visual communications challenges.

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